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Africa-China Poverty Reduction and Development Conference

--- Towards Post-2015 Africa-China Sustainable Co-operation on Poverty Reduction and Development


Five successive sessions of Africa-China Poverty Reduction and Development Conference have been held since 2010. Beginning with discussions on broad poverty-reduction experiences, the Conference has covered a wide range of issues from agricultural modernization, special economic zones, development of the small and medium-sized enterprises to industrialization... Read more

Towards Post-2015 Africa-China Sustainable Co-operation on Poverty Reduction and Development

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Presentations on 09 December 2015
1. Sino-African Mutually Beneficial Development by Tiantian Zhai
2. The role of spatial perspectives in poverty reduction and sustainable development by Elsona van Huyssteen
3. Localization of sustainable development goals in Africa by Osten Chulu
4. Exploring China-Africa Cooperation to Achieve the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) by Joyce Zhang
5. The role of research and innovation in increasing production in rural areas by Sibusiso Vil-Nkomo

Presentations on 08 December 2015

1.  Presentation on Agri-parks, by Ms Leona Archary
2.  Obstacles of Linking Small-holders' Farming with Poverty Reduction, by Prof. Dr. Li Xiaoyun
3.  Partnering with China, by Prof Sam Kariuki
4.  China's Strategy on Providing Foreign Assistance to Africa, by Dr Lui Haifang
5.  China-Africa Health Cooperation, by Mr Yang Hongwei
6.  Chinese Experience in Narrowing Regional Development Gap, by Ms Wen Xinhua
7.  Chinese Experience in Financial Poverty Alleviation, by Ms Zhang Hongbo 
8.  Special Economic Zones: Attracting investments and accelerating industrial development, by Mr Alfred Tau
9.  Korema Farms: Experiance of a South African youth in small farming and job creation by Mr K Mokgohloa
10. Social Grants in South Africa: Meeting the challenge of poverty, by Dr Wiseman Magasela
11.  Taking poverty elimination as the goal, by Mr Ye Xingqing
12. Eastern Cape Rural Development and Poverty Reduction Program, by Dr Guo Li
13.  Poverty and inequality measurement in South Africa by Ms Kefiloe Masiteng
14. PAfrica-China Trade and Poverty Reductions by Prof. Yu Miaojie




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Prof. Dr. Li Xiaoyun, Senior Advisor of International Poverty Reduction Center in China (IPRCC)




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