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  • 1. Where does the concept of Agri-park originate and why are they important for rural development?
  • 2. What are the strategic objectives of Agri-parks?
  • 3. What are the principles on which the establishment of Agri-parks are based?
  • 4. What is the definition of an Agri-park in the South African context?
  • 5. What other activities could be found in a Farmer Production Support Unit?
  • 6. What activities could be found in an Agri-hub?
  • 7. Where would I be most likely to find a Rural Urban Market Center?
  • 8. Where are Agri-parks found?
  • 9. Where are the Agri-hubs found?
  • 10. Why are there 45 Agri-hub sites and only 44 Districts?
  • 11. What type of farmers can use the facilities provided by the Agri-park?

Deeds Registration

  • 1. What is deed registration?
  • 2. What is a title deed?
  • 3. What is a deed of sale?
  • 4. How can I get a copy of my title deed?
  • 5. How does one verify registration of the property?
  • 6. What is a power of attorney?
  • 7. What is a rates clearance certificate?
  • 8. What is Transfer Duty?
  • 9. What is an antenuptial contract?
  • 10. Why do I need a conveyancer to register and transfer my property?
  • 11. Why must I pay for Deeds Information?
  • 12. My parents passed away, what must I do to have their property registered in my name?
  • 13. Within which time period must the Deeds Office deliver a title deed to the Conveyancer after registration, and why?
  • 14. How does the Deeds Office fee structure operate in relation to fees payable?
  • 15. The property was registered in my name but I did not receive my title deed. Where is my title deed?


  • 1. What is fraud?
  • 2. What is corruption?
  • 3. Who is most likely to commit fraud?
  • 4. Why are we most likely to commit fraud?
  • 5. Forms of corruption
  • 6. Fraud and corruption misconduct cases
  • 7. Why must I report fraud and corruption?
  • 8. Where do I report corruption?

Comprehensive Rural Development Programme (CRDP)

  • 1. What is the Department's vision for the development of rural areas in South Africa?
  • 2. How will this vision be attained?
  • 3. Why the CRDP?
  • 4. How will the CRDP achieve this?
  • 5. How sustainable is the CRDP?
  • 6. Does government has the resources to pull this off on its own?

Recapitalisation and Developent Programme (RADP)

  • 1. What is Recapitalisation and Development Programme (RADP)?
  • 2. How many farms were targeted by the DRDLR?
  • 3. How much is the DRDLR spending in funding these lifeless projects?
  • 4. Is there a specific strategy that the DRDLR has in order to ensure the success of this programme?
  • 5. How long is the duration of the mentorship by these strategic partners?
  • 6. Are there any expectations for the RADP to have impact on the economy of the country?
  • 7. And the Green Paper talks about the de-racialisation of the rural economy what is the role of the RADP in this?
  • 8. Job creation is one of the priorities of government how is recapitalisation going to assist in curbing unemployment?
  • 9. What is the department going to do with failed projects?

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