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To ensure good quality products, by providing training and communication on these products to implementers and other relevant stakeholders. Also to offer policy advice, as and when needed, to implementers and other clients of the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform

The Department of Rural Development and Land Reform has also developed a strategy to acquire land pro-actively, called:

Proactive Land Acquisition Strategy (PLAS)

PLAS focuses primarily on the poor, and is based on the State pro-actively purchasing land with high agricultural potential. The department then selects beneficiaries who can lease the land with the option to purchase it.

Products offered through Land Redistribution

Land Redistribution for Agricultural Development (LRAD)

This programme is a joint venture with the Department of Agriculture. Through the programme, qualifying beneficiaries may acquire land for agricultural purposes.


The commonage product aims to improve people’s access to municipal land for agricultural purposes.

Farm Equity Schemes

This is an arrangement where participants purchase equity in the form of shares in inland-based enterprises. Participants receive returns in the form of dividends and capital growth.

Settlement Production Land Acquisition Grant (SPLAG)

The Settlement and Production Land Acquisition Grant (SPLAG) is a grant to provide for both the settlement and agricultural production land needs of people living and/or working on rural land. In this context, rural land (land outside proclaimed towns) also refers to farm land.

SPLAG caters for both settlement and agricultural production.

Land Acquisition For Sustainable Settlement (LASS)

The objective of the LASS is two-fold:

  • Commonages for Agricultural Development: to enable municipalities to acquire land to extend or create a commonage for the purpose of establishing schemes involving the productive use of the land resources and;
  • Urban Settlements: to enable municipalities to acquire land for residential development, but within the confines of the resources allocated to the department, and the conditions set by the department


The LASS grant can be made available to municipalities that are in dire need of land for settlement purposes. The LASS approach calls for municipalities to actively identify the settlement needs in their communities before approaching the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform for funding for land acquisition.

Our Clients

Land Redistribution’s primary clients are the provincial offices. Secondary clients include inter alia; government departments, other spheres of government, NGOs, private sector, farmer organisations.

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