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Chief Directorate: Social Organisation and Youth development

Purpose: to provide social organisation and youth development towards economic upliftment.

1. Facilitate the establishment and support of participatory community development institutions.
2. Facilitate and integrate YD and NARYSEC functions.
3. Facilitate national project implementation.
4. Mentor, manage and mainstream youth development programmes.
5. Facilitate skills development.
6. Provide YD and NARYSEC support services

Chief Directorate: Service Delivery Coordination

Purpose: To provide strategic management in the coordination of financial and non-financial service delivery.

1. Provide programme and administrative support services.
2. Facilitate research and policy development, external and internal relations.
3. Coordinate service delivery and information management

Chief Directorate: Secondary and Tertiary Cooperatives

Purpose: To facilitate the organisation of primary cooperatives into secondary and tertiary cooperatives and provide support.

1. Organise primary coops into secondary coops.
2. Provide support to existing and new Coops (registration, constitution, build administrative capacity (compliance), facilitate training and monitoring.
3. Build capacity (including logistics) for market access.
4. Coordinate establishment of infrastructure (wholesale facilities, storage and packaging).
5. Facilitate improved bargaining and bulk buying power, broadened market opportunities, access to Cooperatives Incentive Schemes.
6. Engage organs of state, private sector and stakeholders and building partnerships (tertiary activities).
7. Sector representation (Participation in the National Interdepartmental and Coordination Committee).

Chief Directorate: Rural Industrial Development

Purpose: to facilitate the development of rural enterprises and industries.

1. Agro-processing (Agri-Parks).
2. Village markets.
3. Credit finance and investment facilities.
4. Public, social services and economic hubs in villages (retail parks and malls).
5. Manufacturing.
6. Relationships with commodity groups.
7. Facilitate engagement with regional and national economic growth agencies (provincial focus, growth opportunities).

Chief Directorate: Small Business Development and Development Finance

Purpose:To promote rural business development and facilitate rural development financing.

1. Manage small business marketing and trade development.
2. Manage small business research and technology development.
3. Manage small business development finance.
4. Manage small business education and skills training.

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