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Land Tenure and Administration


To develop and coordinate policies and programmes for land tenure and administration.


  1. Develop tenure reform and land rights policies, procedures and products
  2. Provide property management and advisory support services
  3. Provide programme support and service delivery coordination services
  4. Provide property management support services at provincial and district levels
  5. Implement tenure reform and land rights products at provincial and district level



A call to Labour Tenants: May 2016

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Land Tenure Security Policy for Commercial Farming Areas

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1. Labour Tenants/ Farm Dweller National Conference: 13 to 14 January 2017
2. Communal Land Tenure Bill and Communal Property Associations Amendment Bill National Conference: 30 September - 01 October 2016
3. Communal Land Indaba: 2015
4. National Land Tenure Summit: 2014
5. Transformation of Certain Rural Areas Act (TRANCAA) Consultative Workshop: 07-08 December 2012
6. Land Ceilings Workshop presentations: 18 October 2012


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