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Property Management and Advisory Services


To provide property management and advisory support services.


  1. Manage and provide state land information
  2. Provide propery management and policy development services
  3. Provide property research and immovable asset management support

Land Administration Web (LAW)

This Internet / Intranet website is comprised of various modules / systems (spatial and alpha-numeric land information, leases, vesting, immovable assets register, reporting, etc.) for use by officials in performing state land administration functions. It is also accessed and used by other Departments and specific clients.

Access to the site is governed by user names and passwords and may be obtained by registering on; alternatively, the direct URL for DRDLR Network is Click on Login on the landing page and on the next page click on Apply for Access. On the Apply for Access page click on the here hyperlink and print the manual form to be filled out and faxed to (012) 312-8135, then fill out the Application for Access on-line as well. Both these actions (faxing the manual form and filling out the information on-line) are required.

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For state land matters, please click here to liaise with Provincial State Land Managers

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